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“Bring the Museum to life!”

I believe in fostering a meaningful Jewish Identity through combining Text, History, Art, Geography and Archaeology.

Nachliel haCohen Selavan
Director, Torah InterMedia LLC

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More virtual tours and online content in the making. You can inquire by sending me an email or a whatsapp (In quarantine in Jerusalem, no Israeli number).

+1 (929) 233-0950 or nachliel@torahintermedia.com

In Jerusalem…

Call me crazy, but with all of the uncertainty around the Corona Virus pandemic, I decided to fly to Israel while it is still possible. Read more about there here.

On the way to Israel. JFK was empty, but was moving very slowly

From Jerusalem, in quarantine, I am moving my education to Zoom. This is an opportunity to reach more communities than was before possible, when I was limited to in-person education, which is preferable. But online has its benefits, and on that note:

We are moving to online learning!

I’m excited to share some of the upcoming virtual tours and webinars. to find out more, look up the SCASephardic Community Alliance on Facebook and Instagram.

The iMishpacha series of 5 classes is every Wednesday evening (Pesach schedule modifications TBA), can be joined via Zoom, through iMishpacha on Facebook.

To schedule a virtual museum tour, online lecture of other educational resources, please get in touch.

A Night in the Israel Museum Pilot Tour Jan 21, 2020
Happy 80th birthday family tour of Ancient Egypt!

We saw this guy wearing a Kippa, and started a conversation. Next thing you know, we had the most amazing tour of things we never would have learned in the museum! …we highly recommend!

Moshe and Malka Gilad
Moshe and Malka Gilad from Kfar Hassidim

That’s the end of the summer!

Stay tuned for upcoming fall schedule. Gearing up for another semester of Graduate school and teaching High School. Will be busy in September. For inquiries on scheduling, presentations, lectures, private or any other type of tours, please contact me at nachliel@torahintermedia.com

This summer’s final Age of Empires tour was spontaneously joined by three Israeli counselors from Camp Moshava

Israel Museum

The Joshua family from Toronto and Israel in the Israel Museum

This summer’s Jerusalem public tours are over. There are a few private tours and unfortunately not enough time to allow for another public tour.

Hopefully I’ll be back in January or another time this year, and I will make sure to post as early as possible so you can sign up!

Tanach Chidon 2019 – Tour and Workshop

It was a pleasure working for this second year with the National Chidon Tanach. This year included a series of tours for participants, and a special booth (image below) during the Chidon. The tour included three of the four books which were the focus of this years’ contest: Shemot, Yonah and Esther.

The Chidoneers visited Pharaoh in Egypt, Nineveh in Assyria and Queen Esther in Persia – all in the Egyptian and Ancient Near Eastern galleries at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Students from California, Colorado, Florida, Maryland, New Jersey, New York and other states all “met” to learn and explore Tanach and archaeology working together to bring Tanach to life!

For kids who were already proficient in countless chapters of Tanach, Nachliel was able to bring the works of Tanach to life in an entirely new way. Seeing Tanach through the lens of history, geography and archaeology truly opened new vistas of understanding for students ranging from middle school to high school. Thank you Nachliel!

Dovi Nadel
Coordinator, National Bible Contest
The Jewish Agency for Israel

Chidon Tanach Booth: Tanach & More on the Map!

Using Foundation Stone’s unique De’Ara Tanach Map, this booth presented a powerful tool for giving context to the text of Tanach. Many stories of Tanach, and Jewish History, come to life and are retained through anchoring them in the physical setting in which they occured.

In this booth, students received an introduction to Tanach orientation of the map, and then applied it through a choice of stories:

  • Derech ha’Avot – the travels of Avraham, Yitzchak and Yaakov in the land of Canaan
  • Review of all of Sefer Yehoshua in 2-5 minutes (some participants did it in under a minute!)
  • The war of Avraham and the 4 kings
  • The travels of the Aron haBerit (the holy Ark) into the Pelishtim cities
  • David and Goliath
  • The battle of Beit Zur – battle #3 of Judah the Maccabee

In this year’s Chidon, my booth focused on learning the context for the text of Tanach. With Foundation Ston’es

A night in the Brooklyn Museum

The Ladies and Nefertiti at the Brooklyn Museum
Nefertiti and the ladies in the Brooklyn Museum

A spontaneous get-together between Brooklinian friends, celebrating a birthday on a Saturday night. And what better place to celebrate than – the Brooklyn Museum!

On the first Saturday of the month, the Brooklyn Museum is open – and free – until 11PM. It’s all a buzz, with DJs, dancing, music and lots of noise – and vibrance. We chose this need to do a casual walk-through tour, highlighting anything from #InfiniteBlue – and Lapis Lazuli, to Ancient Near East: Assyria and Egypt.

Recent Review

saj and nachliel

Did an awesome tour of Metropolitan Museum of Art with my buddy Nachliel Selavan. Taught us how Assyria conquered Israel (but not Yehuda) and sent the 10 tribes into exile. Fascinating! Highly recommend checking out his tours and info!

Rabbi Saj Freiberg

The Bibi’s at The Met

Bibi at the Met 04

….although the goal of Met is to present art and not teach history, history is there for us especially with the right guide. We were lucky to have with us Nachliel Selavan
…our tour was focused on the four kings, we took many tangents beginning with tracing Abraham’s journey from Ur Kasdim to Haran and down into Canaan to Egypt and back. We traced the steps of the fleeing prophet Jonah from Israel to Tarshish and back across the fertile crescent to Ninveh. We stood in the corridor of an Assyrian throne room experiencing what the Jewish kings must have felt during the time of Sennacherib. And then we began our journey in the world of Nebuchadnezzar who insisted that his name be everywhere trying to imagine his world and our people in their first exile…We moved from Babylon to Shushan, seeing a palace larger than we ever imagined and understanding how a party could go on for six months…We traveled to Macedonia with King Philip II and then saw how Alexander the Great conquered and changed the world…We saw the beauty of Yefet. We saw that which influenced us and undoubtedly influenced our ancestors leading to a civil was which culminated in Hanukah…We met with Nero, Vespasian and Titus discussing the Talmud’s stories of them. We heard how the Torah was saved by Rabbi Yochana Zakai and how the oral Torah was saved through Rabbi Yehuda HaNasi and Antoninus his friend and Caesar and we discussed who the Antoninus of the Talmud may have really been. It was truly a journey through the four kingdoms and one I will continue to explore…

Rabbi David Bibi
Senior Rabbi Benai Asher of Long Beach
Resident Scholar Edmond J. Safra Synagogue Manhattan

Highlights from Sunday’s Age of Empires Met Tour

Take it from Zach – a returning customer who has been on three different tours – so far:

The Four Kingdoms

On Thursday morning, May 31, Rabbi Dr. Yonatan Grossman (Bar Ilan University) and Rabbi Itamar Eldar (Head of Bet Midrash in Amit – the Hesder Yeshivah in Raanana), joined me for a private Four Kingdoms Tour at the Met.

Rabbi Eldar gave his review, and Rabbi Grossman insisted he would say the same thing, so no need to repeat. Hebrew with English subtitles.

Another interesting and insightful tour! Thanks Nachliel! (Shani Schapiro Farkas)

Highlights from Sunday, May 13

National Bible Contest – Special Tour

After three tours, 40 something participants from New York, Florida, California, South Carolina and Chicago – I almost forgot it was Friday! Participants explored the exhibits in the Met’s Ancient Near East, seeing connections and bringing verses to life. Can’t wait until Sunday’s National Bible Contest – where I will be running a few programs for participants and parents.

Students from Fort Lauderdale and from New York at the Met, first of three tours 4.27.18

I brought a group of middle school students who had spend the last year studying for the Chidon HaTanach to New York for the national finals…I had presumed that a tour built for middle school students would not be interesting for adults. Nachliel however was able to build an amazing tour that both provided for students and adults on differing levels at the same time. He provided different source packets for different levels and was truly well prepared for the situation.
My students at first were not keen on the idea of a tour and really just wanted to hang out in NYC. Nachliel was able to engage them so well that they enjoyed the tour and learned so much from the experience that it built vast discussion over Shabbat over what we had seen and its relevance to Tanach.
I highly recommend taking a tour with Nachliel and look forward to my next opportunity to do so.

Rabbi James Williams
Youth Director, Young Israel of Hollywood & Fort Lauderdale

In the news!

In the Jerusalem Post

Click here for the JTA article, reviewing the tour from Sunday, March 25.

Such an amazing turn out on the tour, with such interesting back stories to each. The short story is that my friend Alana invited me to a community lunch at Prospect Heights Shul, where I met Debra Nussbaum Cohen, a reporter for Ha’aretz and the JTA. I invited her on the tour, and then this happened! The article is great and I am so happy and thankful to Alana and Debra for making it possible. The article has been featured as well on Virtual Jerusalem, Forward and the Jerusalem Post.|

An amazing tour by Nachliel. Using his intellect, humor and vision he was able to bring the story of Pesach back to life. New insights to our slavery and journey to freedom were presented beautifully.

Thank you! I highly recommend and looking forward to future tours

Daniel L.,
Participated Sunday, March 13, 2018

Special Purim class in Kehillat Montessori, MD

Dear Nachliel Selavan:
It was such a treat to welcome you into the classroom last week and share some spectacular unearthed treasures.
You were so accommodating and creative, and we could not be more grateful.
It was truly remarkable to watch the students sit wide-eyed, trying to comprehend the history behind each magnificent ancient treasure to displayed.
Placing a​ concrete item on the Jewish history timeline brings the Tanach to life and, as we Montessorians love, does so in such a concrete manner.
We were so fortunate to have you share the insight and treasures with us and the feedback from the parents has been tremendous.
The fact that the time spent with these students will remain with them for a lifetime, makes me confident that these artifacts and the history they reveal will continue to be​ cherished for generations to come.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Please continue to do what you do, which is to bridge our rich and extensive past with the future survival of the Jewish people and our ancient land.
Kol tuv
Best Regards,

Liza Porat – Executive Director
Kehillat Montessori
Kemp Mill Montessori Elementary School (KMMS)

The faculty of the Ramaz Upper School Bible Department really enjoyed our 3 hour session with Nachliel. We started in the classroom with an overview of reading materials and maps associated with the era and then accompanied Nachliel to view various artifacts from the Assyrian and Babylonian periods. He tailored the tour to specific areas of our Bible Curriculum as per our request and was interesting and entertaining throughout! I highly recommend the tour for both educators and non-educators alike, especially if you are interested in the context, both historically and philosophically, behind specific biblical texts.

Miriam Krupka
Dean of Faculty, Tanakh Department Chair, The Ramaz Upper School

…Throughout the tour, my students made connections to many other units they covered in all of their studies, and delighted in that they were able to integrate their knowledge. After the tour, the students thanked me heavily and unanimously agreed that they felt they connected more with the story of Hanukkah after having done the tour. Nachliel, they agreed, was knowledgeable, passionate and brought this piece of history to life. Like one student said- “I never knew that these galleries in the museum had anything to do with the Jewish people-but now I see that we really were there”. The tour gave my students a feeling of relevance and belonging to the ancient world, and they walked out feeling uplifted and happy with their newfound understanding of this time period. I am very grateful that these tours exist and look forward to doing more in the future, in relation to Hanukkah and other periods in Jewish History. [for the full review, click here]

Doris Dweck-Cohen 
Barkai Yeshivah, Brooklyn
Boston MFA THT 01
Boston MFA – Ancient Near Eastern Galleries

This was an amazing experience! Our family really felt like our history was before our eyes and from now on Hanukkah will be much more meaningful and inspiring. Nachliel’s knowledge of the museum artifacts combined with his personal experience and his knowledge and warm fun personality make him a great choice for a fantastic tour experience! I suggest you read the materials beforehand if possible and read up on the subjects he will be touring about as It will enrich the experience that much more.

Jesse Sutton

Thank you so much for an amazing tour of the MET with my children! You were so engaging with my children and managed to still fill the rest of the tour for us adults with lots of meaningful content! I will recommend you to anyone looking for a great tour guide of the MET and specifically a Jewish tour. You were great!!!

Rabbi Yochai “Yogi” Robkin
Director of outreach of DATA at Plano, Texas
Tanach Highlights Tour on August 17

“Our extended family, ranging in age from 7 to 65, enjoyed a wonderful tour of the Met with Nachliel. He planned scavenger hunts, decryption games, and more to keep the younger crowd interested while engaging the adults with his vast knowledge. The tour brought the museum to life. I highly recommend it!”

J. Robkin, from Atlanta, GA
Tanach Highlights Family Tour, August 17

Thank you Nachliel providing us all a great understanding of the Assyrian and Babylonian empires and their connection to Tanach!

Rabbi Pinny Rosenthal
Manhattan Jewish Experience

6 thoughts on “Homepage

    Norman Lerner said:
    November 19, 2018 at 6:59 am

    Our group of about thirty had a unique educational
    and experiential museum encounter.
    Nachliel has an excellent command of our
    ancient past and is able to communicate history
    and it’s importance to his audience.
    He goes out of his way to involve individual
    group members in the museum experience.


    Nachliel Selavan - Torah Intermedia responded:
    November 19, 2018 at 7:51 am

    Than you, Norman! I will post this on the testimonial page


    Aaron Akselrud said:
    August 9, 2019 at 6:20 pm

    Any New York events in August? I would like to meet you


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