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Nachliel haCohen Selavan

Director, Torah InterMedia LLC



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Reviews from recent Tanach Tour June 18:

I’ve lived in New York City my entire life and have been through the Metropolitan Museum of Art Assyrian, Babylonian and Egyptian wings many times.  Nachliel made me feel like I was touring these wings for the first time.  Nachliel’s energy, knowledge and love for his subject enabled me to see all the artifacts from an entirely new and welcome perspective.  For me, the climax was at the end when Nachliel showed an piece of ash that was excavated from under his house, dating from the destruction of the Second Temple.

Susan Strassburger – Queens, New York

Nachliel is exceptionally knowledgeable and passionate about his twin loves – Torah and Archeology.  He showed us the importance of contextualizing Melachim Bet and Yirmiyahu in its Ancient Near Eastern setting. He really knows his subject matter backwards and forwards. His drive for the material made it interesting and engaging to hear him speak. Additionally, he was quite prepared with source sheet and kids scavenger hunt worksheets…We moved at a rapid-fire pace…

 Ms. Sarah Robinson, Tanach Teacher at Kushner Hebrew Academy