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Boston TOARCH ’17 – Tanach Tour at the MFA!

So excited to be part of the Boston TOARCH ’17 program by Foundation Stone!
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Barkai Parent Enrichment Tour at the Met! (Nov. 1, 2017)

My journey here in the US began at Barkai Yeshivah, almost five years ago. It game be tremendous gratitude and pride to be able to give back, and to share my Tanach (for Barkai people: Tanakh) tour with people who are connected to where it all began.


Tanach at the Boston MFA!

I am really excited to be taking part of FoundationStone’s special Boston TOARCH ’17 program.

On Sunday, November 19 at 10AM-12PM we will be touring the Boston MFA and exploring its galleries from a Tanach perspective.

To learn more about TOARCH, click on the video below.


It has been a long summer, with nearly 20 Tanach and Jewish History tours running at the Met. The summer Public Tanach Tour series is now complete, and we are gearing up for the year.

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Last Tanach Tour Complete
Paying tribute to the “met sticker” tradition.. last one out of the museum today

2017-2018 / 5777-5778

Museum tours will be running all year round, offering several different types of tours and programing for teachers, students and school trips. Stay tuned.

Other tours at the Met, given at different times of the year or privately:

  • Chanukah, Hellenism and the Greeks;
  • Pre-Pesach Ancient Egypt
  • Rome and the Great Revolt / Jews in the Roman World
  • Context and Origins: The Great Cultures of the Biblical Period (under development)
  • Roots of Itolatry
  • Bat/Bar Mitzvah / Confirmation Tours – coming soon
  • Family “Tanach Highlights


Highlights from Summer Tours:

Thank you so much for an amazing tour of the MET with my children! You were so engaging with my children and managed to still fill the rest of the tour for us adults with lots of meaningful content! I will recommend you to anyone looking for a great tour guide of the MET and specifically a Jewish tour. You were great!!!

Rabbi Yochai “Yogi” Robkin
Director of outread of DATA at Plano, Texas
Tanach Highlights Tour on August 17
“Our extended family, ranging in age from 7 to 65, enjoyed a wonderful tour of the Met with Nachliel. He planned scavenger hunts, decryption games, and more to keep the younger crowd interested while engaging the adults with his vast knowledge. The tour brought the museum to life. I highly recommend it!”
J. Robkin, from Atlanta, GA
Tanach Highlights Family Tour, August 17


Robkin Family collage 1
Tanach Highlights Family Tour


Thank you Nachliel providing us all a great understanding of the Assyrian and Babylonian empires and their connection to Tanach!

Rabbi Pinny Rosenthal
Manhattan Jewish Experience
Special tour for MJE Fellowships – July 30, 2017

MJE July 30 collage

We so enjoyed having Nachliel as our guide at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Our group had been studying rabbinic materials about idolatry and Nachliel helped bring those issues to life through the Met’s collections. His comfort both with the ancient and classic sculpture we looked at as well as his fluency in Bible and rabbinic literature were terrific!

Rabbi Ethan Tucker
Rosh Yeshiva, Mechon Hadar
New York, NY
Tour took place on July 21


“Fascinating…Truly eye opening into the world we only hear about. The connection of Ancient Artifacts and the Tanach is explained and put into perspective, especially in this troubled time. This tour only reinforces our Historical connection to the Holy Land of Israel”

Jeff and Chery Klein from Monsey, NY. Participated July 23

Tanach Tour July 23 collage

This your is a great way to be introduced to the history of the Ancient Near East! It’s very comprehensive and spans a pretty good range of time. I also loved that it was grounded (corroborated) by passages of Tanakh. I loved seeing the intersection between the written record of history and Torah! Personally, I would have loved to spend more time on the text itself, but it’s hard to do it all in under two hours. I recommend this for anyone who’s interested in the A.N.E.!

Malka Rappaport from Crown Heights, NY. Participated Wednesday, July 12

Powerful presentation of the era of kings – Regional Kingdoms and Empires…the separation of Israel and Judea and eventual destruction of Jerusalem and the beginning of the Babylonian diaspora. Nachliel is a passionate guide and very informed and well traveled in order to present his material.

Notes were very well researched and presented. This tour was made even more powerful during the period of the three weeks between Tammuz and Tisha b’Av.

Aliyana Wasserman, Rosanne Koenigson from Edison, NJ. Participated Sunday, July 16

Sunday July 16|

In the Assyrian gallery waiting room of Ashurnasirpal II, we met a large group of teenage girls holding up a strange flag. This flag had the picture of the god Aššur, patron god of the city of Aššur and of the Assyrian Empire.

The girls told us that they are “Assyrian” (=northern Iraq), and the flag is the flag of Assyria, including the two rivers, the Tigris and the Euphrates. We could not resist taking a picture with the flag!

Here is an article in the Jerusalem Post, featuring the very same group, from the following week!



Nachliel does an incredible job bringing black and white text with all of the intricate details to form a clear picture of Jewish history. For all the names, cities, and time periods that are mentioned throughout Tanach, Nachliel organizes them in a clear way that allows any tour-goer to follow along and really understand a snapshot of the historical time period being discussed. I learned a lot from my visit to the MET with Nachliel and now have a new outlook on historical passages found in Tanach. Additionally, I was a big fan of Nachliel’s knowledge, Hebrew-English translations, humor, wit, and incredible fashion sense.
Donny Fuchs
Yeshiva University 
Monsey, NY
The tour at the MET with Nachliel is most definitely recommendable. It was specifically rewarding to go on a historical tour with my own rich Jewish history coloring the backdrop. Nachliel was a superb tour guide who was obviously passionate and extremely well versed in his material. He gave historical context and depth to the Navi by discussing the politics of the time period and how that related to the kings and prophets written about in the Navi. It was especially remarkable when he pointed out an idol that the Navi refers to as the Baal as well as Avodah Zara dated to the time of Avraham Avinu. Thank you Nachliel for a great tour!
Mrs. Sarah Gutmann

I’ve lived in New York City my entire life and have been through the Metropolitan Museum of Art Assyrian, Babylonian and Egyptian wings many times. Nachliel made me feel like I was touring these wings for the first time. Nachliel’s energy, knowledge and love for his subject enabled me to see all the artifacts from an entirely new and welcome perspective. For me, the climax was at the end when Nachliel showed an piece of ash that was excavated from under his house, dating from the destruction of the Second Temple.

Susan Strassburger – Queens, New York

Nachliel is exceptionally knowledgeable and passionate about his twin loves – Torah and Archeology.  He showed us the importance of contextualizing Melachim Bet and Yirmiyahu in its Ancient Near Eastern setting. He really knows his subject matter backwards and forwards. His drive for the material made it interesting and engaging to hear him speak. Additionally, he was quite prepared with source sheet and kids scavenger hunt worksheets…We moved at a rapid-fire pace…

 Ms. Sarah Robinson, Tanach Teacher at Kushner Hebrew Academy
Tanach Met collage 2