The 28th of Iyar

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I found the book The 28th of Iyar very moving. My grandmother, Jaqueline Hirsch, transcribed the original recordings which made the publication of the book possible. So we have a family connection to the book, as well as the community. I thought to read select passages from the book which spoke to me deeply about my home town of Jerusalem.

During the last days of Pesach, I had the honor of speaking about Jerusalem in Congregation Beth Jacob of Atlanta, GA.

This was the first time I gave the talk “What does Jerusalem mean to me?”, with a slightly more presumptuous title – “Do we really have Jerusalem?”

The most challenging thing about that talk was that the author, Rabbi Emanuel Feldman, attended the talk. Afterwards he told me that he was crying when I read his own words, and wondered “How could I be crying, when I wrote those words?”

28th of iyar.jpg

The talk was given with enthusiasm, clarity, by an obvious master of the subject. He was able to demonstrate the connection between archeological finds and Biblical verses, such that it felt as if we were discussing current events. The discussion left me craving to learn more about the Prophets and their history.
Ilan D. Feldman

Rabbi, Beth Jacob Atlanta

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