Shana Tova 5779

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2018-08-30 11.33.27

Rosh Hashana is about self-calibration: Being in touch with ourselves, with the world, and sharing in its creation. If we are in tune with ourselves, we can listen to the world, and through it – to God, as “he” whispers to us.

I don’t have a cliche apple and honey picture, but this picture tells a story.

My short experience of 34 years has taught me that when we stop fighting ourselves, stop fearing our uniqueness, and let the force of life flow through us – amazing things start to happen.

This picture is a confluence of amazing things happening to me, through being open, vulnerable, truthful and embracing my creativity: A second year in a job I love, connecting between my passion for teaching, for entrepreneurial jewish education and technology.

Mercava (represented here by Moshe Azizollahoff) the one hand, which is connected to my entrepreneurial side, meeting new enthusiastic colleagues at Magen David Yeshivah, where I continue as a formal educator – on the other side.

May this be a year where we breakthrough our barriers, embrace our uniqueness, and share ourselves with the world and bring it more happiness. Shana Tova! שנה טובה ומתוקה

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