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I’m coming home

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High Impact Tour Combo Team: Wednesday, July 10, 2019 at the Met

Original post from Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Going on a plane today. After six years in New York – I’m coming home. Six years!!!
(This is a visit, still living in NY…but counting every day I’m away)
When I think about the journey that brought me here: from a Capoeira instructor in 2006, to an undergraduate and part-time teacher in Jerusalem, to a part time teacher, with a second MA on the way, and a business that engages thousands of people with culture, heritage and values through museums – I am amazed. 
It’s hard to believe how many changes I have undergone, and how much I have grown on so many profound levels. My perception of education, values, and especially in the self-confidence and belief in myself – which in turn allowed me to empower others.

Being in Israel, for me, is to be. Just to be. Not to do.
It’s not a break from work, a vacation, catching up with family and friends. Being in Israel for me is to recharge – spiritually, emotionally, internally.
In my previous visits, it was also a break from hard work, without a clear vision of when I’m coming back home, how will things play out in the future, etc.
I still do not have answers, but I have a strong direction, a vision, a dream.
This time, I am coming with a deep understanding of my unique abilities to create, to foster care for Jewish identity, to make a difference, to innovate.
There is a confidence and satisfaction – even happiness – that comes from small successes along the way. And the way is not looking brighter than ever!

And in just a few more hours.. I’ll be home!