CorinaVirus and the Exodus

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Sunday, May 22, escaping from NY en route to Israel

Call me crazy, but with all of the uncertainties around the Corona Virus, the thought of being stuck in isolation in Brooklyn was too much for me to bear.

School has moved online.

Museums are closed.

No tours until at least mid-may, the Met is probably going to be closed until July and is also moving to online education (more information about that to come).

Shops are closing.

No minyanim.

Lock down.

So I’m on my way to quarantine in holy Jerusalem. At least I’ll have the Peace of mind knowing that when 14 days are over, I’ll be celebrating Pesach in Jerusalem, a 5 min walk away from the site of the Temple – and who knows? Maybe I’m going to just be in the right place at the right time.

[until here is the original post from Sunday 5.22.20]

I’m now in Quarantine, just to be safe. I pray to G-d I am alright, because the jetlag and temperature change has affected me, and I’m still working in US time two days a week. So it’s a transition. But I am excited to spend Pesach with my parents in the Old City of Jerusalem – health permitting – for the first time in almost 7 years.

That aside, there are tremendous things going on in the world. From the pandemic and the personal lessons we need to take from it on many levels, to the political arena in Israel and in the US, earthquakes, and other global issues. We are living in special times, and I am not one of those prophets who claim to know where this is going, but one thing I am sure: Something big is happening. Something significant. And we, the human race, on planet earth (which we are currently restricted to), would do best to examine who we are, where we are going, and meditate on that for a bit. We now have the time to do it.

Let us hope and pray that we emerge from this pandemic stronger than ever, with clarity of vision, and be inspired to do better for the betterment of life on earth, on every level possible.

This is a personal Exodus for me. And we have the potential of it being a global Exodus, where we leave the bondage of whatever was holding us back or leading us astray, and to emerge liberated, into a bright new future!

May it be a Happy Holiday, real soon!

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