II Melachim: A.E.B. Met Program

The Sefer Melachim Assyria-Egypt-Babylon (A.E.B. Met) program is a comprehensive program designed to help students anchor Torah in its historic and geographic context. Through visuals, archaeological finds, discussion and contemporary ideas, students engage in the stories in Tanach, making them more real, relatable, and thus part of their Jewish Identity.

The A.E.B. Met program is geared towards II-Melachim, and is applicable for students learning Yeshayahu, Yirmiyahu and other parts of Tanach, on both a beginning and advanced level.

This is done through two classroom lessons, in coordination with the Yeshiva’s Judaic Studies or World History department.

These lessons prepare students to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Ancient Near Eastern and Egyptian Exhibits, and see them from a Torah context. In the museum, each unit learned in class is treated distinctly so that each resonates with the students and increases their long-term retention.

The A.E.B. Met program is being offered to Tri-State schools for the 5777 / 2016-7 school year.

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An adult version is already up and running, and details will be available soon.

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Magen David Yeshivah HS Freshmen classes, visiting the Ancient Near Eastern Galleries, an an Assyrian Royal waiting room (November 2016)
Adult Program with the Tanach Study Group from Brooklyn, under the Lions of Babylon (December 2016)
Yeshivat Netivot Montessori Middle School at the Ancient Near Eastern galleries (January 2016)

Rav Nachliel led my ninth grade Jewish History students on an eye – opening tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Assyrian, Egyptian, and Babylonian wings. It was important to me that my students gain the requisite background knowledge to more deeply understand the Second Temple Period.

Before the museum trip, Rav Nachliel visited my classes to introduce artifacts which the students would be viewing in the museum. He also prepared excellent resource material including maps and accompanying text. The following week my two classes met Rav Nachliel at the Met. The students were excited to view the artifacts which Rav Nachliel had carefully selected. His descriptions engaged them and evoked curiosity.

A majority of the students had never been to a museum, and they expressed how much they loved and appreciated the experience as well as their desire to return. I noticed that the students approached the next part of their study enthusiastically as they researched and created Second Temple Period artifacts based on what they had learned at the Met.

Rav Nachliel was professional and thorough and provided an enriching and worthwhile learning experience. I highly recommend a museum tour guided by Rav Nachliel.

Mrs. Frieda Cattan
Jewish History Teacher
Magen David Yeshivah Celia Esses High School, Brooklyn, NY

Student feedback:

To protect students’ privacy, their full names are not written.

Dear Rav Nachliel,

We want to thank you as a class for taking time out of your mornings to teach us about the history of Assyria, Babylon, Israel, and Egypt. Our classes found it very interesting that we learned about objects and what they mean such as the watches with sun dial that represents royalty, and how beards represented power. We also admired how you told us about the history of the walls in the museum like the Assyrian wall that used to have coloring, but because it has been through a lot of damage, it lost its color. Once again, thank you for giving us a great experience!

L.A. and S. G.

Dear Rav Nachliel,

Thank you so much for giving me and my friends the opportunity to learn more about our history. It is a great feeling to learn about something in the classroom and then go physically see it. I learned about how in Assyria and Babylonia you can distinguish the difference between royalty and lower class citizens very easily. What was also new that I found out was that the Egyptians were obsessed with the afterlife and preserved their bodies very carefully. They both had beautiful jewelry that ironically are things me and my friends would wear today. The trip to The Met after the amazing days of learning with you in my classroom was fascinating. You opened up my interests into more of the exhibits we visited and all of the exhibits in The Met. Which are probably as interesting and awesome as the Assyrian, Babylonian, and Egyptian wings. Thank you so much for this experience we really appreciate the time you put into it!


Hi Mrs. Cattan,

…I just wanted to say that my day at the Met was so amazing. I got to experience things I’ve never seen before. My favorite part was when we all got the chance to do the mannequin challenge, I loved how we mixed the past with the present….

Thank you