Age of Empires

The Age of Empires Tour Strikes Back!

End the summer with a special experience at the Metropolitan Museum of Art!
Join the list of hundreds of people who came, and met the Met for the first time from an experiential Jewish perspective.

August 21, 22, 26 @ 12:30 & 2:45 PM

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Seven year old S. had a wonderful time at the Met!

Join us at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where visit the “Bible Neighborhood” and Meet the Phoenicians, Assyrians and Babylonians. Understand the last chapters of II-Melachim, select passages in Yeshayahu and Yirmiyahu and more.

See the artifacts from the time and place where the stories happened, and understand their historic context. Understand the dilemmas of the last kings of Israel and Judah and the impact of their choices, as they faced the mighty Assyrian Empire, allied with Egypt, and ultimately went into exile in Babylon.

This 90-120 tour is limited to 35 participants at a time. Available privately, and customizable for different areas of study, levels, students and teachers. For Judaic Studies Professional Development options, click here.

Public tours take place seasonally. Private tours are available by request at other dates and times.

WhatsApp (or call after August 20): +1-929-233-0950 or email

Highlights and Reviews:

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Thank you Nachliel providing us all a great understanding of the Assyrian and Babylonian empires and their connection to Tanach!

Rabbi Pinny Rosenthal
Manhattan Jewish Experience
Special tour for MJE Fellowships – July 30, 2017
Incredible Tanach Tour!!! An unreal experience to see the actual stone decor (lions) that Daniel saw with his eyes in Nebuchadnezzar’s Palace…or my other favorite, jewelry from the time/place of Avraham. Nachliel you were so animated, I was enthralled by every word! Can’t wait to do it again! 
Shira Charles
Participates July 23

This your is a great way to be introduced to the history of the Ancient Near East! It’s very comprehensive and spans a pretty good range of time. I also loved that it was grounded (corroborated) by passages of Tanakh. I lovedseeing the intersection between the written record of history and Torah! Personally, I would have loved to spend more time on the text itself, but it’s hard to do it all in under two hours. I recommend this for anyone who’s interested in the A.N.E.!

Malka Rappaport from Crown Heights, NY. Participated Wednesday, July 12

Powerful presentation of the era of kings – Regional Kingdoms and Empires…the separation of Israel and Judea and eventual destruction of Jerusalem and the beginning of the Babylonian diaspora. Nachliel is a passionate guide and very informed and well traveled in order to present his material.

Notes were very well researched and presented. This tour was made even more powerful during the period of the three weeks between Tammuz and Tisha b’Av.

Aliyana Wasserman, Rosanne Koenigson from Edison, NJ. Participated Sunday, July 16

Nachliel does an incredible job bringing black and white text with all of the intricate details to form a clear picture of Jewish history. For all the names, cities, and time periods that are mentioned throughout Tanach, Nachliel organizes them in a clear way that allows any tour-goer to follow along and really understand a snapshot of the historical time period being discussed. I learned a lot from my visit to the MET with Nachliel and now have a new outlook on historical passages found in Tanach. Additionally, I was a big fan of Nachliel’s knowledge, Hebrew-English translations, humor, wit, and incredible fashion sense.
Donny Fuchs, Student at Yeshiva University , Monsey, NY

The tour at the MET with Nachliel is most definitely recommendable. It was specifically rewarding to go on a historical tour with my own rich Jewish history coloring the backdrop. Nachliel was a superb tour guide who was obviously passionate and extremely well versed in his material. He gave historical context and depth to the Navi by discussing the politics of the time period and how that related to the kings and prophets written about in the Navi. It was especially remarkable when he pointed out an idol that the Navi refers to as the Baal as well as Avodah Zara dated to the time of Avraham Avinu. Thank you Nachliel for a great tour!

Mrs. Sarah Gutmann

I’ve lived in New York City my entire life and have been through the Metropolitan Museum of Art Assyrian, Babylonian and Egyptian wings many times. Nachliel made me feel like I was touring these wings for the first time. Nachliel’s energy, knowledge and love for his subject enabled me to see all the artifacts from an entirely new and welcome perspective. For me, the climax was at the end when Nachliel showed an piece of ash that was excavated from under his house, dating from the destruction of the Second Temple.

Susan Strassburger – Queens, New York

Nachliel is exceptionally knowledgeable and passionate about his twin loves – Torah and Archeology.  He showed us the importance of contextualizing Melachim Bet and Yirmiyahu in its Ancient Near Eastern setting. He really knows his subject matter backwards and forwards. His drive for the material made it interesting and engaging to hear him speak. Additionally, he was quite prepared with source sheet and kids scavenger hunt worksheets…We moved at a rapid-fire pace…

 Ms. Sarah Robinson, Tanach Teacher at Kushner Hebrew Academy

Nachliel put together an interactive and informative program in the MET. It was a great experience to see firsthand some of the artifacts that our biblical ancestors saw, as presented to us in the Tanach. It was especially moving to stand under the Ishtar Gate, the same gate our ancestors entered through as they were exiled from Jerusalem to Babel during first temple period, circa 586 BC.

Jesse Salem, Founder of Tanach Study, Brooklyn, NY. Principal at Sam Salem & Son


We recently joined Nachliel Selavan on a visit to the Walters Museum in Baltimore, MD. In the limited time that we had, Nachliel gave us tremendous insight into the various artifacts that we were looking at and explained how to interpret them based on the time periods. Through looking at the objects on display he was able to contextualize the time period and relate it to so much of the Bible and other historical references. His thorough knowledge of Jewish history as well as his clear and concise descriptions would be a tremendous asset to anyone, young and old, history expert or novice, who is fortunate to have him as a tour guide.

Moshe Wealcatch, Educator, Baltimore, MD


Nachliel’s knowledge, energy and understanding of the art was thorough, colorful and rich. Through an intimate knowledge of history as well, he was able to vibrantly relate manifestations of ancient history to modern cultural events. A history lesson through art would have been satisfying enough, but Nachliel’s added touch of historical events as they relate to modern culture, and his willingness to respond to many questions, often tangential, brought the tour to unexpected heights

Ezra and Deborah Safdieh, Brooklyn, NY


I was born and have lived my whole life in Brooklyn. I’ve been to the Brooklyn Museum many times, but after taking a tour with Rav Nachliel I feel as though I’ve seen it for the first time. His wealth of information and story telling skills bring to life an otherwise routine walk through the Assyrian and Egyptian exhibits. I felt as though I was walking through the centuries with our forefathers as Rav Nachliel would correlate the pieces in the exhibit to familiar dates and events in the history of Bnei Yisrael, as well as explain the meaning behind countless inscriptions and sculptures. He brings years of hard work and research right to your fingertips. I highly recommend taking a tour, few people around have the expertise to bring history to life in such a way.

Dr. Charles Manopla MD, Brooklyn, NY


I went with Nachliel to the Metropolitan Museum of Art on several occasions. Nachliel is enthusiastic about Torah and archaeology, explaining Tanach and teachings of Chazal in a very engaging manner, passionately bringing Torah to life through the history and the archaeology that we explored together.Indeed, I too look forward to join him on future programs…

Dr. Nisan Hershkowitz, Brooklyn, NY

A president of the New York State Academy of General Dentistry