Age of Empires

Last year’s poster by Stu Sufrin

Public Tour Season is held during July-September

Length: 2 hours.

The Ancient Near East is the Cradle of Civilization – is the “Biblical Neighborhood”. It is the context for the Biblical text. Without a firm understanding of its contextual setting in the Ancient Near East, Tanach is a theoretical collection of stories.

With the Ancient Near East, Tanach comes to life, verses make sense, and stories gain new layers of meaning. This is where the first Empires are born: From Sumer to Assyria, Babylon and Persia. These empires have impacted the Jewish people for centuries, and have given the framework for the administration of future empires.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is a magnificent classroom in which Tanach comes to life. On this tour we explore the impact of Assyria and Babylon on Israel and Judah towards the end of the First Temple period, illuminating chapters in II-Melachim, Yeshayahu, Yirmiyahu, Divre Hayamim and more.

Thank you Nachliel providing us all a great understanding of the Assyrian and Babylonian empires and their connection to Tanach!

Rabbi Pinny Rosenthal
Manhattan Jewish Experience
Special tour for MJE Fellowships – July 30, 2017