Avraham’s Journey

Follow Avraham’s Footsteps from birthplace, Ur Kasdim. Explore this ancient culture and watch it come to life as we explore the cradle of civilization. Avraham’s journey continues to Haran in ancient Anatolia – the mighty Hittite kingdom, from there to Canaan and finally to Egypt. We even go through ancient China, but you’ll have to join to find out why!

Jewish Tradition places emphasis on Avraham’s journey from Ur Kasdim and the memory of leaving Egypt in the daily liturgy (pesukei d’zimra / zemirot). On the other hand, there emphasis on the Exodus – זכר ליציאת מצרים – is extremely prevalent. This tour explores those two themes and ponders upon their purpose.

Join me for a journey through time and ideas!

Suggested for teens and adults. Minimum recommended age 10-11.

This tour is currently only available privately. The public tour will return in the fall.