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To inquire or get a quote, please send an email or call: |Israel Phone and WhatsApp +972-54-452-0209 | US Phone (when in US only) (929) 233 0950

Before sending an email, check the FAQ page and see if your question has an answer. This can save you the trouble and the waiting time, and I would appreciate it as well.

Please be specific: Are you interested in a published tour schedule, or in a private tour? How many people? Which tour? Would you like a consultation on what tour works best for you?

Do not trust people advertising ticket sale on social media. It is SPAM.

Payment is made directly to me in the museum, or in advance via PayPal or other apps.

To find out more, please read this FAQ page.

Public Tours:

The price for public tours will always be on the homepage and reflects the seasonal public tour. Prices vary from tour to tour based on several factors, and there is no set price.

The price always includes the required museum admission (even for members and NY residents).

Membership benefits and other passes are not valid for group visits

Private Tours

Do you want the best, customized experience in the museum? A private tour is the way to go.

Private tours are great for any special setting, be it fun and learning, a birthday, a date or an outing, a fundraiser or VIPs. Whatever it is, a private tour is the best way to make sure you receive personal attention and the tour is tailored to your needs.

The investment you will make on this tour will guarantee a personal and memorable experience, where the guide is totally dedicated to you.

COJECO on a private Saturday night family tour

The chart below applies to a standard 90-120 min tour in the Met and the Brooklyn Museum only. Other museums, especially in other states, have different rates.

6 people or less7-1415 or more
$180 + Admission*$350 + Admission$500 + Admission

Private tours do not include the museum admission (required even for members and NY residents).

There are other packages and types of tours and activities. To discuss and get a quote please contact me.

School Tours at the Met**:

1 tour per school year: $500 / (for schools outside of NYC $400)

2 tours per school year: $750 ($350 per tour)

5 or more tours per school year: $1,500 ($300 per tour)

** NYC K-12 students receive free admission at the MET, when signed up through their school. This includes 1 complimentary ticket for every adult chaperon (or teacher) per 10 students. For more information:

School Student Workshops: 

Standalone workshop: $225

When coupled with a museum tour/s: $180

Teacher Enrichment Seminars in the Met:

A teacher enrichment seminar in the met includes 5-6 items. Until the proper page is up, contact me for a description and a recommendation of what is best for your school.

Full day: $1,250 + Admission

Half Day: $750 + Admission

Scholar in Residence, Shabbat Programs

To inquire, please email