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Scammers have been posting on Facebook events that they have tickets for sale. Do not buy tickets from anyone but Nachliel Selavan, based on email confirmation.

We do not sell tickets online! Sign-up is done through contacting the tour guide, and tickets are paid through the information on the confirmation email. 

To book, please email and/or call 929-233-0950. Make sure to list date of tour, number of people, and of course your name. Thank you.

Tickets for public tours are paid on site, or in advance through PayPal, Venmo, etc.

To find out more, please read this FAQ page.

Public Tours:

prices are different from your to your, to be sure, please check the page of the specific tour you are interested in.

  • Senior/Adult: $45/48
  • Student: $35
  • Child: $25


Private Tours:

$350-$1,500 + admission*

There are different private tour packages. For a quote, please consult regarding your tour needs.

* self-guided group at the Met require admission, at a slightly lower rate than the full amount. But it is absolutely required, for both NY residents and members. Other museums have different policies. Please inquire based on the museum.


School Tours at the Met (in New York)**:

1 tour: $500

2 tours: $750

5 tours: $1,500

** Students learning in a school in the five burrows are exempt from admission, and 1 complementary ticket is given for every adult chaperon (or teacher) per 10 students.


School Student Workshops: 

Standalone workshop: $225

When coupled with a museum tour/s: $180


Teacher Enrichment Seminars in the Met: (Full day, with a break)

$1,250 + Admission


Scholar in Residence, Shabbat Programs

To inquire, please email

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