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Joining an existing visit

To join an existing tour will require signing up in advance, with a minimum of 10-15 participants. Without the required number of participants, the visit will be canceled by a set deadline. More information coming soon.

Plan your visit

Visits for families, schools and groups must be coordinated with the museum, according to the Met Museum guidelines. Groups of 2-5 people do not require reservations.

Below are a few relevant details from the site itself. Rate below reflect museum admission policy only, and do not relate to the value of any of the programs offered by Torah Intermedia LLC.

To find out more, to custom make a tour for your family or community, or to book a tour, please contact me directly at

Advance reservations are required for all adult and student groups of 10 or more, and for any third-party guided tours, regardless of size.

Booking a visit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art requires registration with ahead of time.

Reserve group admission in advance to receive special rates for groups large and small, and to bypass admission lines.

Groups may explore the Museum’s collection and special exhibitions independently, and are welcome to visit with their own lecturer or purchase Audio Guides to enhance their Museum experience. Please note that self-guided visits also require appointments.

Due to the high volume of daily programs in both buildings, groups who plan to bring their own lecturer for a self-guided visit must reserve a lecturer’s badge in advance and are limited to 25 people per lecturer. Please note that lecturing is not always permitted in The Met Fifth Avenue’s special exhibitions due to gallery space constraints.

Group Size
Self-guided visits are generally limited to 60 people at The Met Fifth Avenue. Larger groups can be considered on a case-by-case basis only. Groups larger than 25 will be asked to split into smaller groups before entering the galleries.

Group Fees

  • Adults: $22 per person
  • Seniors: $15 per person
  • NYC College Students: $5 per person
  • Non-NYC College Students: $10 per person
  • Children: $10 per person

Membership and other discounts do not apply to group admission.