Hellenism, Chanukah and the Jews

Prepare for Chanukah and the 10th of Tevet with a comprehensive understanding of the culture we encountered, and which has changed us forever.

From Alexander the Great to the Miracle of Chanukah and beyond, Hellenism has played an important role in Jewish History, leaving a profound impact until today.

The Metropolitan Museum exhibitions of the Hellenistic world offer a window into Greek history and culture, the Symposium, the Olympics, Theatre and so much more.

This program highlights key aspects of Greek history and Hellenism, demonstrating their relationship to and influence on Jewish History. Using artifacts and maps this program offers a context for key events in Jewish history, allowing for a broader understanding of the geopolitics, and a deeper understanding of the issues facing the Jews of that time, and today.

Armor and Weapons. From the Greek galleries at the Metropolitan Museum of Art