Hellenism, Chanukah and the Jews

Chanukah Public Tour Schedule – coming soon!

Prepare for Chanukah and the 10th of Tevet in the Metropolitan Museum of Art!

Engage in the challenges of Hellenism during the Second Temple Period in Judah.

Gain a better understanding of Greek Art, Warfare, Poetry, Philosophy and also History, from a Jewish perspective.

From Alexander the Great to the Miracle of Chanukah and beyond, Hellenism has left its everlasting mark on Jewish culture and identity. (Photo: At Tel-Afek or Antipatris at the Yarkon National Park, where the legendary meeting between Alexander the Great and the High Priest may have taken place. Photo: David Stein)


Length: 90-120 min.

To reserve a tour for your family, school or group, contact me at info@torahintermedia.com

The Battles of Judah the Maccabee 

We tend to focus on the Miracle of the Oil, that lasted for eight days. But what really was the miracle of the Battles?

An additional presentation is available for schools and communities. Exploring the battles of the Maccabees with an in-depth understanding of the terrain, and recent archaeological discoveries which shed a new light on the story.

Below: A special tour on Idolatry in the Greco-Roman world for Mechon Hadar, alongside Rabbi Ethan Tucker.


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