Hellenism, Chanukah and the Jews

This Tour is coming back in December 2019. Schedule coming soon!

What is this tour?

Come engage in Chanukah in the Metropolitan Museum of Art!

Meet the challenges of Hellenism during the Second Temple Period in Judah.

Gain a better understanding of Greek Art, Mythology, Warfare, Poetry, Philosophy and also History, from a Jewish perspective.

From Alexander the Great to the Miracle of Chanukah and beyond, Hellenism has left its everlasting mark on Jewish (and Western) culture and identity.

Highlights from this year’s tours

The Battles of Judah the Maccabee 

We tend to focus on the Miracle of the Oil, that lasted for eight days. But what really was the miracle of the Battles?

Gain a more comprehensive understanding of the history of the Greeks in the Land of Israel, and the events leading up to the story of Chanukah. Become more familiar with the major battles of Judah the Maccabee, and their impact on the region, and gain a fresh perspective on the miracle of the battles.

An additional presentation is available for schools and communities. Exploring the battles of the Maccabees with an in-depth understanding of the terrain, and recent archaeological discoveries which shed a new light on the story.

Below: Slideshow of pictures from the three publics tours on Sunday-Tuesday December 17-19, and a collage from Battles of Judah Maccabee in 7th grade girls at Barkai Yeshivah, Brooklyn (due to student privacy, photos of the activity were only posted on the school’s private social media)


Nachliel knows his stuff…he can create a unique blend of the ancient and the modern, as he tickles your imagination at the Met. A deep, impressive dive into Jewish History. Dive in!

Rabbi David Fohrman

Thank you so much for an incredible tour of Ancient Greece at the Met! The tour aligned perfectly with our 9th grade unit on Greek Mythology and Greek Tragedy, and deepened our students’ learning on the subject. Mr. Selavan was extremely knowledgable, interactive, and moulded the tour based specifically on the needs of the students. We will definitely be organizing another tour next year!

Rachel R. Harari

Department Chair, English Language Arts

Magen David Yeshivah – Joe & Celia Esses High School