Former Students

Rav Nachliel, I knew you for such a short time as a teacher, but it was such a meaningful and helpful time – as much as was possible for such a duration. I was a sixth grader in the 2011-2012 school year, and you were our history teacher.

You came to us with a unique teaching style, and you brought in books to show us what things really looked like. You assigned us to write an “ancient newspapers” on what we were learning (and paid out of your own pocket to have them published!).

You taught me, most of all, how time is valuable and important. You showed care and love for all of us, and helped us as much as you could.

You gave over information in the most interesting and clear way than any other history reacher I have ever had until this day.

To me, you were a lot more than a “teacher”, you were the best teacher ever.

Meir Brandwein

Ahavat Yisrael “Rappaport” Boys’ School, Jerusalem. Class of 2014

I loved Rav Nachliel’s teaching style. One thing I particularly liked was how he put all the historical stuff in context by finding objects from that time. For example, if he was teaching us about ancient Israeli politics, he would bring in kings seals, or a copy of a contract written by the king.

Hillel Schwartz

Yeshivat Netivot Montessori. Class of 2016

Shalom Nachliel,

I’m happy to see that you are constantly broadening your work, and exposing more people to your educational approach. I was your student about seven years ago [2010]. Though a lot of time has passed, I still have vivid memories from that beautiful period.

I learned in a semi-Ultra-Orthodox school, and the method for learning Tanach did not add interest and motivation to keep learning Tanach seriously.

Once day, you showed up, you were just at the beginning of your way. You started translating Tanach to our language, 8th grade kids. We were learning the Book of Daniel at the time, which is mostly in Aramaic, another obstacle in the way of understanding the subject.

You overcame the obstacles with ease, and we anticipated your lessons from week to week. Every week there was something “different” that you brought in order to make the learning accessible to us. Once it was a cake with the lions from Daniel (See image below. Student in image unrelated), and once it was a slideshow with Daniel’s wild visions.

Thank you for that beautiful period and for opening the path for learning Tanach.

Miss you, and sending love and appreciation

Daniel Darmon

Ahavat Yisrael “Rappaport” Boys’ School, Jerusalem. Class of 2011