Museum Tours

“Bringing Tanach and Jewish History to Life, in the Museum and in the Classroom”

That is my mission statement, and I hope G-d willingly to explore as many museums and sites as possible in the world, to help connect us to Torah and appreciate Jewish History. As of now, the Museum menu lists the museums I have already visited by state, with images I either took at the museum, or information about existing tours I have given in them. Feel free to explore the menu, suggest more ideas and museums to cover, and to contact me with any questions at

Public Tours*

Adult: $45

Child: $25

Public tours include admission. Admission and reservation are required on self-guided tours, also for museum members. Check out more info on our FAQ page.

Private Tour Rate for school year of 2018:*

Minimum two people: $75 / person (includes admission)

6-14 participants: $350 + admission (variable)

15-30 participants: $500 + admission  (variable)

Length: 90-120 min

* This rate is for the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Other museums have different guidelines.

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