Museum Tours

We believe in bringing Tanach and Jewish History to Life and inspiring Jews in the special classroom – the museum!

In the Chicago Oriental Institute, Sukkot 5779

That is our mission statement, and we hope, God willing, to explore as many museums and sites as possible in the world, to help connect people to Torah and appreciate Jewish History.

Experiential learning in a museum is edifying and enjoyable, and has proven beneficial in many different settings: Families, bat/bat mitzvah, couples, individuals, communities, events, fundraisers, synagogue and sisterhoods, parent outings and teacher professional development sessions.

We aim to reach the soul of any Jew through the unique classroom of the museum.

Any tour that is listed here, is available privately, and customizable for schools’ curriculum.

Lectures, Shabbat programs, workshops and other deals are also listed below.

These tours are in the Met, unless listed otherwise. For a list of other museums, please see bottom of page.

Available Tours

Average Tour Length: 90-120 min

School rates (in New York)*:

  • 1 tour: $500
  • 2 tour2: $750
  • 5 tours: $1,500 (within one school year)
* Students learning in a school in the five boroughs are exempt from admission, with 1 complementary ticket for every adult chaperon (or teacher) per 10 students. Schools in NJ or out of state who come to the Met are therefore given discount on the single tour rate.

In-class workshops:

An in-class workshop is recommended when preparing a group for visiting the Met. Both being acquainted with the guide, and having a better understanding of the material, will maximize the experience and learning in the museum.

  • Standalone workshop: $225
  • When coupled with a museum tour/s: $180 (in NY-NJ)

Professional Development for Judaic Studies Faculty

$1,250 + Admission

There are different private tour packages. For a quote, please consult regarding your tour needs.

Private Tours

$350-$1,500 + admission

Price depends on various factors. For consultation and a quote, please contact us.

Scholar in Residence, Shabbat Programs

To inquire, please email

Other Museums Include: