Museum Tours

I love to bring the museum to life and connect people to our rich Jewish heritage

In the Chicago Oriental Institute, Sukkot 5779

That is my mission statement, and I hope, God willing, to explore as many museums and sites as possible in the world, to inspire people to look at Jewish heritage and Jewish History with fresh eyes.

Experiential learning in a museum is edifying and enjoyable, and has proven beneficial in many different settings: Schools, synagogues, families, bat/bat-mitzvah, couples, individuals, communities, events, fundraisers, sisterhoods, PTA outings and teacher professional development sessions.

Any tour that is listed here, is available privately, and customizable for schools’ curriculum. Some of them recur on a seasonal basis, and change a bit from year to year. Always improving.

Lectures, Shabbat programs, workshops and other deals are also listed below.

These tours are in the Met, unless listed otherwise. For a list of other museums, please see bottom of page.


Average Tour Length: 90-120 min

Other Museums I have visited:

These museums offer a range of topics for Biblical and Second Temple, even later, Jewish History. I have either done walk-throughs or offered community tours in them, and occasionally travel and offer these tours. Feel free to ask!