Museum Tours

“Bringing Tanach and Jewish History to Life, in the Museum and in the Classroom”

Photo Jul 22, 4 13 21 PM
Special Tisha b’Av Tour at the Israel Museum, summer 2018

That is our mission statement, and we hope, God willing, to explore as many museums and sites as possible in the world, to help connect people to Torah and appreciate Jewish History.


Experiential learning in a museum is edifying and enjoyable, and has proven beneficial and enjoyable in many different settings: Families, bat/bat mitzvah, couples, individuals, communities, events, fundraisers, synagogue and sisterhoods, parent outings and teacher professional development sessions.


What tours do we offer?

Tours are given primarily at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. We continue to explore museums, and below are the museums that have been visited, so far. There have been private or group tours in some of them:

Average Tour Length: 90-120 min

Prices vary based on location, private / group tour, number of people. A comprehensive list will be posted soon.





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