Museum Programs

“Age of Empires” Met Adult Program

With a Tanach in hand – experience Assyria and Babylon coming to life!

Join us at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, to walk through the last chapters of Melachim II, related portions of Yeshayahu and Yirmiyahu, and more.

See and understand the artifacts from that time in their historic context. Meet the dilemmas of the last kings of Israel and Judah and the impact of their choices, as they faced the mighty Assyrian Empire, decided whether to ally with Egypt, and ultimately enter exiled under Assyria and Babylon.

This two-hour tour is limited to 25-30 participants per group. To join our public tours or arrange a program for your community, family, or school, contact us at

We offer in-depth programs with 1-3 learning sessions prior to the museum visit, especially for schools.

A schedule and sign-up page are under development.

Programs such as Purim and Persia, Chanukah and Greece, Rome and the Great Rebellion, are in preparation for release during 2017-2018.

Under the Lions of Babylon with Tanach Study Group from Brooklyn, NY
I went with Nachliel to the Metropolitan Museum of Art on several occasions. Nachliel is enthusiastic about Torah and archaeology, explaining Tanach and teachings of Chazal in a very engaging manner, passionately bringing Torah to life through the history and the archaeology that we explored together.Indeed, I too look forward to join him on future programs…

– Dr. Nisan Hershkowitz, Brooklyn, NY

A president of the New York State Academy of General Dentistry

We recently joined Nachliel Selavan on a visit to the Walters Museum in Baltimore, MD. In the limited time that we had, Nachliel gave us tremendous insight into the various artifacts that we were looking at and explained how to interpret them based on the time periods. Through looking at the objects on display he was able to contextualize the time period and relate it to so much of the Bible and other historical references. His thorough knowledge of Jewish history as well as his clear and concise descriptions would be a tremendous asset to anyone, young and old, history expert or novice, who is fortunate to have him as a tour guide.  

– Moshe Wealcatch, Baltimore, MD


Freshmen Student feedback from Magen David Yeshivah High school, after the A.E.B. Met program in November, 2016.

For privacy reasons, student names are abbreviated.

In the waiting room of King Ashurnassirpal of Assyria, with Magen David Yeshivah High School

Dear Rav Nachliel,

We want to thank you as a class for taking time out of your mornings to teach us about the history of Assyria, Babylon, Israel, and Egypt. Our classes found it very interesting that we learned about objects and what they mean such as the watches with sun dial that represents royalty, and how beards represented power. We also admired how you told us about the history of the walls in the museum like the Assyrian wall that used to have coloring, but because it has been through a lot of damage, it lost its color. Once again, thank you for giving us a great experience!

– L.A. and S. G.

Dear Rav Nachliel,

Thank you so much for giving me and my friends the opportunity to learn more about our history. It is a great feeling to learn about something in the classroom and then go physically see it. I learned about how in Assyria and Babylonia you can distinguish the difference between royalty and lower class citizens very easily. What was also new that I found out was that the Egyptians were obsessed with the afterlife and preserved their bodies very carefully. They both had beautiful jewelry that ironically are things me and my friends would wear today. The trip to The Met after the amazing days of learning with you in my classroom was fascinating. You opened up my interests into more of the exhibits we visited and all of the exhibits in The Met. Which are probably as interesting and awesome as the Assyrian, Babylonian, and Egyptian wings. Thank you so much for this experience we really appreciate the time you put into it!

– S.M.


…I just wanted to say that my day at the Met was so amazing. I got to experience things I’ve never seen before. My favorite part was when we all got the chance to do the mannequin challenge, I loved how we mixed the past with the present….

Thank you

– V.S.