Pesach: Ancient Egypt

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Sunday, March 25 @ 12:15

Wednesday-Thursday, April 4-5 @ 12:30

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“In every generation a person must regard themselves as though they personally had gone out of Egypt” (Mishna, Pesachim 10:5)
Through exploring the Egyptian galleries of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, we will study important themes and ideas from Ancient Egypt and the Exodus, through the lens of archaeology and our Torah, and hopefully find relevance to our daily lives.

An amazing tour by Nachliel. Using his intellect, humor and vision he was able to bring the story of Pesach back to life. New insights to our slavery and journey to freedom were presented beautifully.
Thank you! I highly recommend and looking forward to future tours

Daniel L.
Participated Sunday, March 13, 2018


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Regular price: $45           (includes required full admission)

Kids age 9-16: $25              (recommended for age 12 and up)

Private Tour Rate:

Minimum two people: $75 / person (includes admission)

6-14 participants: $350 + admission

15-30 participants: $500 + admission

*admission in self-guided groups is obligatory by the Metropolitan Museum policy. Memberships unfortunately do not affect these rates. 

Length: 90-120 min

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