Parasha Study Plus

Parasha Study Plus is a new TanachStudy.com initiative offering a variety of topics to enhance your weekly parasha study. Every week, these excellent speakers present a short (7-15 min) audio class for you to enjoy. The classes are available on a variety of platforms, including email, podcast and whatsapp groups. Go to TanachStudy.com for more information.

The Lineup for Parasha Study Plus

All of the episodes are available at this link.

The Spotify (and others) platform supports a limited amount of episodes at any given time, and therefore the earlier ones will gradually vanish, as newer ones replace them. To be safe, all of the episodes are available in the link above, and you can always join the daily updates whatsapp notification groups with information on tanachstudy.com

Tasting and Torah

Tasting and Torah is a collaboration between two friends who share the love of Wine, Israel, Torah and Current Events. We open wine, we talk about the story, and we share thoughts and ideas.

Most of the talks are broadcast live on Instagram and/or Facebook, and later uploaded to various platforms. In that sense, it’s not a Podcast (yet), because it is not available as audio alone. Check out the YouTube channel Torah Intermedia and Heard of Israel Wines for more episodes.