Lectures and Teaching

I have known Nachliel Selavan for over ten years. I know him to be a serious and dedicated individual to the work in which he invests. Nachliel has many talents that make him a strong teacher…Every time I’ve observed him teach I have not only been able to follow his lessons with absolute clarity, I also learn something new. Nachliel has an excellent knowledge of Tanach.

In addition to being a caring and erudite teacher, he is also artistic and creative. During his time at Barkai Yeshivah, Nachliel drew beautiful pictures for each Parshat haShavua. They enhanced the school environment and the staff and students enjoyed them a great deal. He has helped with the artistic element for many school programs and events…

Rabbi Joseph Dweck
Rosh Yeshiva – Head of School,  Barkai Yeshivah, Brooklyn, NY


Excerpt from letter of recommendation, written May 27, 2014. To read the full letter, contact me.


Nachliel Selavan’s presentation on certain aspects of Jerusalem’s history was fascinating and highly informative. We were all enthralled by his material.

Rabbi Emanuel Feldman
Congregation Beth Jacob, Atlanta GA

Rabbi Selavan:
I would like to thank you for coming into our school to give your Tanach presentation. Despite the fact that this topic can be technical and non engaging for children you kept them extremely interested and engaged for the entire session.
The topic was presented, not as a subject but as a very real part of our history. The artifacts you brought in made it all the more real as the students were actually able to touch history.
The clarity in which you presented and your use of media made the presentation extremely interesting and your use of Tanach to transmit Jewish values was extremely important and timely. I especially appreciated your emphasis on Jewish unity.
I wish you much success in the future and we hope to have you back soon in our school.
Rabbi Menachem Friedman, MSW
Director of student activities 
RTMA Middle School

I have been running Jewish outreach programs in Miami for over a decade. Nachliel Selavan gave our students a passionate, articulate, and content packed presentation. His ability to bring the ancient world of the Jewish people to life is truly impressive. His classes were very effective at engaging our students, and giving them a thirst for more Jewish learning. Of the many Jewish educators I have met, I found Mr. Selavan’s material uniquely  content rich and yet simultaneously accessible.

Rabbi Saj Freiberg
Outreach Director, YEHUDI
Miami, FL 

My family had the honor of hosting Nachliel as a Shabbat lunch guest, and I asked him if he would be willing to speak later that evening at our Shul’s seudah shelishit.  Nachliel graciously accepted the invitation and with virtually no notice spoke passionately and compellingly on archeology as it relates to TaNaKh and Jewish history.  I hope we have future opportunities to learn from this unique teacher of Torah.

Rabbi Benjamin J. Samuels 
Congregation Shaarei Tefillah, Newton, MA


We recently had the opportunity to have Rav Nachliel lecture at our institution about the Biblical perspective of the geography of Israel. In his brief but powerful presentation, he actively engaged the students in a participative exercise sketching the pathways of our forefathers through Israel on their journeys. He displayed mastery in both Jewish History and geography while offering a startling new perspective of the layout of Israel and the importance of visual learning. The students walked away with renewed excitement and a fresh interest in our holy sites!

Rabbi Chaim Davies 
Talmudic University of Florida
Miami Beach, FL 

Nachliel brings a passion for teaching about Torah and Judaism that is truly infectious. His excitement with the material gets his students interested. His knowledge and engaging teaching style makes him one of the best Jewish teachers you can find.

Asher Weinstein

Highland Park, NJ


I really enjoyed the Rosh Hashanah program. I thought it was incredibly engaging and well done. Nachliel was able to relate everything back to us to make it easy to comprehend.

 Sami Brandspiegal 
President of Rutgers Hillel Student Board

I liked seeing the visual of all of the holidays spread out in order. I had never heard of some of them so I was interested to learn more about their significance. And of course Lion King is never a bad thing!

It was a relaxed environment which I enjoyed, and I thought he taught well. A little awkward sometimes with all of the papers and things, but they were a useful prop too.

Leila Gordon 
Holiday Co-chair of Rutgers Hillel Student Board

Reb Nachliel has a special gift with teaching children. He taught our son, Moshe, so much about art.  Moshe proudly hangs his artwork on the walls of his bedroom.  We look forward to having Reb Nachliel learn Gemara with Moshe soon.

 NJ Binyamin Roscher 
Highland Park, NJ 

Reb Selavan has learned with my son over the past year. His expansive yet detailed knowledge of Jewish history provides context to the material they are learning and helps it ‘come alive’ for my son. His unique way of giving over material is very enjoyable for my son. My son loves the way Reb Selavan incorporates art into teaching Gemara and Chumash. As a visual learner, he has absorbed the material more readily in this method.I also appreciate how they get up and move during the lesson! The hour seems to fly by and we look forward to the next week’s session.

 Chaya Mueller (Lutzky)
Highland Park, NJ 


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