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Museum Visit Reviews:

Nachliel put together an interactive and informative program in the MET. It was a great experience to see firsthand some of the artifacts that our biblical ancestors saw, as presented to us in the Tanach. It was especially moving to stand under the Ishtar Gate, the same gate our ancestors entered through as they were exiled from Jerusalem to Babel during first temple period, circa 586 BC.

Jesse Salem, Brooklyn, NY
Founder of Tanach Study Group
Principal at Sam Salem & Son
Tanach Study Group under the Ishtar Gates, Metropolitan Museum of Art

I was born and have lived my whole life in Brooklyn. I’ve been to the Brooklyn Museum many times, but after taking a tour with Rav Nachliel I feel as though I’ve seen it for the first time. His wealth of information and story telling skills bring to life an otherwise routine walk through the Assyrian and Egyptian exhibits. I felt as though I was walking through the centuries with our forefathers as Rav Nachliel would correlate the pieces in the exhibit to familiar dates and events in the history of Bnei Yisrael, as well as explain the meaning behind countless inscriptions and sculptures. He brings years of hard work and research right to your fingertips. I highly recommend taking a tour, few people around have the expertise to bring history to life in such a way.

Dr. Charles Manopla MD
Brooklyn, NY
Dear Rav Nachliel,

We want to thank you as a class for taking time out of your mornings to teach us about the history of Assyria, Babylon, Israel, and Egypt. Our classes found it very interesting that we learned about objects and what they mean such as the watches with sun dial that represents royalty, and how beards represented power. We also admired how you told us about the history of the walls in the museum like the Assyrian wall that used to have coloring, but because it has been through a lot of damage, it lost its color. Once again, thank you for giving us a great experience!

L.A. and S. G.

Lectures and Teaching

Nachliel Selavan’s presentation on certain aspects of Jerusalem’s history was fascinating and highly informative. We were all enthralled by his material.

Rabbi Emanuel Feldman
Congregation Beth Jacob, Atlanta GA

I have been running Jewish outreach programs in Miami for over a decade. Nachliel Selavan gave our students a passionate, articulate, and content packed presentation. His ability to bring the ancient world of the Jewish people to life is truly impressive. His classes were very effective at engaging our students, and giving them a thirst for more Jewish learning. Of the many Jewish educators I have met, I found Mr. Selavan’s material uniquely  content rich and yet simultaneously accessible.

Rabbi Saj Freiberg
Outreach Director, YEHUDI
Miami, FL

Nachliel brings a passion for teaching about Torah and Judaism that is truly infectious. His excitement with the material gets his students interested. His knowledge and engaging teaching style makes him one of the best Jewish teachers you can find.

Asher Weinstein
Highland Park, NJ 
Magen David Yeshivah HS at the Met, November 2016

I really enjoyed the Rosh Hashanah program. I thought it was incredibly engaging and well done. Nachliel was able to relate everything back to us to make it easy to comprehend”
– Sami Brandspiegal, President of Rutgers Hillel Student Board

Reb Nachliel has a special gift with teaching children. He taught our son, Moshe, so much about art.  Moshe proudly hangs his artwork on the walls of his bedroom.  We look forward to having Reb Nachliel learn Gemara with Moshe soon.

Binyamin Roscher, Highland Park, NJ 


Private art Lesson in Jerusalem, October 2011