The Power of the Place

Using Foundation Stone’s unique De’Ara Tanach Map, the Power of the Place presents a powerful tool for giving context to the text of Tanach. Many stories of Tanach, and Jewish History, come to life and are retained through anchoring them in the physical setting in which they occured.

This presentation is highly flexible and adaptable, and has been taught as a community lecture, a hands-on activity in Chidon haTanach, and used in various teacher training and classroom settings.

For kids who were already proficient in countless chapters of Tanach, Nachliel was able to bring the works of Tanach to life in an entirely new way. Seeing Tanach through the lens of history, geography and archaeology truly opened new vistas of understanding for students ranging from middle school to high school. Thank you Nachliel!

Dovi Nadel
Coordinator, National Bible Contest
The Jewish Agency for Israel

I have been running Jewish outreach programs in Miami for over a decade. Nachliel Selavan gave our students a passionate, articulate, and content packed presentation. His ability to bring the ancient world of the Jewish people to life is truly impressive. His classes were very effective at engaging our students, and giving them a thirst for more Jewish learning. Of the many Jewish educators I have met, I found Mr. Selavan’s material uniquely  content rich and yet simultaneously accessible.

Rabbi Saj Freiberg
Outreach Director, YEHUDI
Miami, FL

We recently had the opportunity to have Rav Nachliel lecture at our institution about the Biblical perspective of the geography of Israel. In his brief but powerful presentation, he actively engaged the students in a participative exercise sketching the pathways of our forefathers through Israel on their journeys. He displayed mastery in both Jewish History and geography while offering a startling new perspective of the layout of Israel and the importance of visual learning. The students walked away with renewed excitement and a fresh interest in our holy sites!

Rabbi Chaim Davies 
Talmudic University of Florida
Miami Beach, FL