School and Yeshiva Programs

Nachliel Selavan offers a series of interactive workshops and programs to promote Jewish education, and strengthen Jewish Identity. Nachliel offers lectures and workshops for Judaic Studies teachers and students, including presentations, Jewish Holiday activities and projects, classroom lessons and museum visits.

Each of these programs has a theme which correspond to Tanach, Jewish History and core concepts to Jewish Identity.

For example:

Workshops for Navi teachers, connecting text to geography, history and archaeology.

Museum programs and presentations for Navi, Chanukah and Second Temple Period.

Periodic Jewish Holiday programs, focusing on the essence of one holiday, its historic and/or agricultural aspects, with class-wide or school-wide projects.

Below are pictures from activities in schools and summer camps from the years 2015-2016.

To learn more about these programs, you can check out the items on the menu. More programs are being made and updated periodically, so stay tuned for updates. To contact me directly, see the contact page.